Onlive Server offers cheap Windows VPS Hosting

To make your business grow, you will definitely need efficient and reliable web hosting services in order to do that. However, having more than one website running on the same physical machine will be too much to ask. So your only solution here would be getting yourself the right Virtual Private Server plan. Fortunately, Onlive Server has decided to assist you with this matter and provide you with the Cheap Windows VPS Hosting plans you can find out there. You surely won’t regret it.

Why Do People Choose Cheap Windows VPS Hosting?

When it comes to choosing between Dedicated servers and Virtual Private Servers, many people believe that virtual servers are not only less costly than dedicated servers but also offer significant space and performance benefits. While these statements are true, they can be misleading in nature. Here’s why: Virtual private server hosting is a managed hosting service that allows customers to run their own operating system from a high-powered hardware platform. The server hardware is divided into two or more virtual units (CPU). Each of which is allocated a certain amount of memory and hard disk storage depending on what type of business plan you purchase. All services are managed by Onlive Server so. You do not have to worry about software patches, maintenance, or backups. Someone else takes care of those things for you.

Benefits to Choose our Windows VPS Server Hosting Plans

  • Monthly Fee– At cheap Windows VPS hosting plans, the Onlive server will charge you only $9 per month and there is no setup fee.
  • Compatibility– Our flexible virtualization solutions come preconfigured with the most popular applications and are compatible with a variety of operating systems for flexibility in use.
  • Product Quality- We guarantee 99% uptime to meet your business requirements.
  • Free Domain Registration– You get a free domain registration service, No requirement to buy any domain from us, You can register your own domain from anywhere and then move it to our servers when you are ready for full function of it at no additional cost ( Domain transfer ).
  • Expert 24/7 Technical Support Team– In case of any technical fault arises due to software or hardware failure on the Webhosting side. We will immediately be providing support via E-mail or Chat support.
  • Safe Secure Data Storage Encryption
  •  Budget VPS Servers
  •  Auto Script Installer
  •  Instant Setup
  •  Mobile-Friendly Control Panel
  •  Microsoft SQL

Why Choose Us?

We Provide all different Linux distributions, so you’ll be able to tailor your server to run applications specifically for your project. Our team of support engineers is prepared to respond quickly and effectively to any questions or issues you may have with your hosting service. Since we offer both shared and dedicated web hosting solutions, you’ll always have enough bandwidth and resources. And by choosing a virtual private server (VPS) over shared web hosting. Your site can be up 99.9% of the time instead of only being available ~99% of its life.

 Supportive Staff

Onlive Server understands that different people have different needs and demands when it comes to hosting their websites. In an effort to help out, they have a very supportive staff to provide assistance in case you’re having trouble with your accounts or just need some questions answered. For example, they have a 24/7 support team who can be reached via phone, e-mail, or live chat. This ensures that any issues can be resolved as quickly as possible. So you can get back to focusing on what matters most—running your business. Support services include installation of software, server management (with Onlive Control Panel), hot-swap hard drive migration for high availability network components, and server monitoring service at no additional cost for all dedicated servers.

Cheap Prices

Onlive Server is one of few companies that offer cheap Windows VPS Hosting. With our plans, you will be able to receive a very high-quality web hosting service at an incredibly low price. We have made it possible by investing in the best hardware and software technology and using cutting-edge techniques. We are constantly improving our services, striving to reduce costs for us and for you. You will get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage space, a Free Domain name and a free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate. Our technical support team is available 24/7/365 – that’s something Onlive Server is known for among its clients.

Controlling Power on Plan

Virtualization is a powerful server technology that lets you run multiple servers on a single physical server. This means you can provide customers with more reliable and scalable infrastructure while keeping your costs down, which translates to better value for your business.

KVM Virtualization: We offer free control panel (Pour Linux shared hosting plans. So you can fully manage services like FTP, MySQL, and webmail (e-mail). If you have questions about how to access your Plesk control panel or other features of our hosting service. Please contact us via phone or email.