Domain Name Registration

Domain name registration is an essential task for domain registrants. Without a proper Domain Name Registration, no one can use your website. A domain name is the identity of a website. People can find your website by using the domain name. The domain name has different categories based on the registrant’s working profile. Government and private organizations choose different types of domain names that easily help people identify a particular website among millions of websites. The company that is responsible for registering the domain name is known as domain registrants.

What is the Domain Registering Process?

  1. In order to find the domain name of the website, reserve a domain name in TLDs such as .com, .net, .org. A domain registrant must register a domain with Internet Corporation for Assigned Names, and Numbers or ICANN certified registrar.
  2. The registrar will check if the domain name is available for registration or not. After become ensured, the registrar will create a WHOIS record with the domain registrant’s information.
  3. The domain name registrant is bounded with certain terms and conditions to register the domain.
  4. The domain registrants have to follow the domain register conditions for specific purposes such as payment of registration fees, submission of necessary documents, and timely updating of the domain for an easy registration process.
  5. For domain name registration, the registrants also need to have their domain names listed on name servers so that domain names can be reached on the internet.
  6. The domain registrants cannot buy the domain name for a lifetime; they can lease the domain name for a maximum of 10 years.
  7. Some domain registrants prefer to register through a reseller. These organizations are affiliated with a domain registrar.

The Function of the WHOIS DataBase

The WHOIS domain database is a listing form of all registered domains that are used for various legal purposes. Global network administrators use the WHOIS database to fix the networking problem of the individual domain.

  1. WHOIS information is useful for checking the domain name availability on the registrar database, identifying trademark infringement of the registrant, and maintaining the domain name registrant’s accountability.
  2. WHOIS verification is useful to combat fraud on the internet because administrators of WHOIS can track down the illegal content of the domain registrants.
  3. ICANN protects the WHOIS-listed domain registrant’s content and privacy. You can find the domain name of the website from the WHOIS database.

Important Things to Notice on a Domain Registrar

A domain registrar should be ICANN verified before providing a domain registration service. Among the top domain registrars, the olive server is one of the best domain registrars that have a web server facility, email hosting, web designing and development strategy, and network management facilities. As per the individual domain registrants, this company provides unique services at an affordable rate. But users should follow the basic guidelines of the olive server before buying any service.

Other Useful Domain Registrars

  1. Onlive Infotech

    This domain registrar provides a free domain name facility with its annual web hosting plan. The website’s fast loading times after using the web hosting, 24 hours support system over the phone or email, and easy installation of web hosting and other facilities are unique parts of this company.

  2. UK Hosting VPS

    It is one of the best Book Domain Name provider companies that offer some unique offers on a particular day. High-speed performance and 30 days money-back guarantee are the two attractive features of this company.

  3. Network solution

    – This registrar’s professional technical supports for its users is a unique feature. This company provides 24 hours supports to its clients through phone calls and emails.

  4. Oakymarketing

    This domain registrar is an award-winning website designer that creates unique website design for its clients. The user-friendly website design is the main attractive feature of this company. This domain registrar provides free domain registration along with the website designing plan.


    You can get a free domain name with the web hosting plan of this company. Twenty-four hours of technical support is the best part of this company.


    The fastest loading capacity of the website is the main feature of this company. Apart from this, you can get 24 hours support system through email, phone calls, or chat.


    This domain registrar is perfect for small-scale business organizations. The price rate for web hosting and domain registration of this company is affordable. If you don’t like their hosting web service, you could get your money back within 30 days as per the terms and conditions of this company.

  8. Swiss Server

    you can get domain registration at Rs 99 from this domain registrar. This company provides an affordable web hosting plan at Rs 59 per month.


    This domain registrar offers a wide range of web solutions such as web hosting, web development, domain registration, and other technical support.


    It is one of the best domain name providers and web hosting companies that provides world-class web hosting facilities and domain name registration. You have to pay Rs 672 to register a domain name.

From the above information, one can understand the requirement of choosing the best domain registrar that also provides a unique range of web hosting facilities. An authentic domain registrar should maintain your website’s privacy to the third party. If you feel that your domain privacy is not safe with your present domain registrar, you can change your domain registrar.