About Best WordPress Hosting

If you want to interact with your customers via a website, you’ll need a web hosting service that is dependable, easy to use, and competitively priced. Onlive Best WordPress Hosting efficiently combines affordability and capability, offering services appropriate for novices and business specialists. Many web hosts provide this service, but Onlive WordPress Hosting stands out with a one-of-a-kind website builder that integrates with WordPress to deliver great flexibility to the popular content management system. In this sense, Onlive WordPress Hosting is a top option for WordPress hosting.

What exactly is WordPress Web Hosting?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that powers almost one-third of all websites. It’s easy to use and has a developing theme and plug-in ecosystem for expanding the functionality of your site. Consider one of Onlive WordPress Hosting’s three Linux-based packages for building an essential WordPress-powered website: Basic, Plus, and Choice Plus. The pricing is the same as for the shared hosting plans offered by the firm.

If you want greater WordPress capability, check out Onlive WordPress Hosting’s managed WordPress “professional” packages. They manage the backend of your website and give SEO, social media, and email marketing tools.

Our options include unlimited website hosting, monthly data transfers, domains, subdomains, and storage. Bot protection, automatic SSL installation, and brute force security are also included in Onlive WordPress Hosting’s managed WordPress services. These managed accounts also have staging areas for testing sites before they go live on the internet, which is a nice touch.

Plans and Specifications

The plans include daily scheduled backups, malware detection and removal, and domain privacy protection for 50,000 monthly visitors and are expandable for up to 100,000 monthly visits. Onlive beats other managed plans by having live chat support, unlimited video compression, a PayPal connection, unlimited backups and restoration, and up to 500,000 monthly visitors. (On different performance plans)

WordPress Has Been Pre-Installed

You do not need to install anything because the content management system is preinstalled on Onlive WordPress Hosting. Once signed in, you may create posts, pages, and galleries the same way you would on any other WordPress site. You may quickly export your current site is using a free WordPress migration tool. Then, upload the XML file. Move the XML file to the new location. In a lovely touch, Onlive WordPress Hosting offers free migration of a single WordPress-powered site from another web server.

How Do You Determine the Best WordPress Hosting?

The most straightforward strategy to choose your website hosting provider is to consider the following four crucial factors:

Speed — The server load time should be less than 300 milliseconds.

Uptime – A dependable hosting provider will have at least 99 percent uptime.

Customer Services – For assistance with WordPress-related issues.

Your Requirements – The hosting provider should be able to accommodate the size and nature of your company.

How to Determine Your Hosting Requirements?

So, to choose which WordPress hosting plan would best suit your requirements, you must first understand the various types. Here are the top five web hosting choices:

Shared WordPress Hosting. The most common entry-level WordPress hosting that novices utilize provides hosting on a big shared server. This is the best choice for small companies and blogging.

Managed Hosting Premium WordPress hosting with bells and whistles to keep you worry-free. Best suited for established blogs or bloggers that aren’t tech-savvy and can pay the cost.

VPS Hosting for WordPress.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) combines the privacy and control of a managed hosting platform with the use of a shared server. Best suited for medium-sized enterprises and high-traffic blogs.

WordPress Dedicated Server Hosting A physical server that you will lease from the supplier to have complete control. Best for very high-traffic sites and blogs that need a system administrator.

Features of Onlive WordPress Hosting

Let’s start with a look at the firm itself. Onlive WordPress Hosting was established in 2017 and has since grown to become one of the leading web businesses in the globe. It currently runs more than 20,000 websites from all around the globe.

There are a plethora of low-cost hosts accessible. So, what’s the broad picture of Onlive WordPress Hosting’s services?

Greater Than Shared Hosting

This firm provides about every kind of web hosting service possible, including sophisticated options such as VPS, dedicated server, and managed WordPress hosting.

The “managed” portion indicates that they handle the technical elements, such as upgrading those annoying WordPress plugins for you, updating the core, addressing security, and improving speed.

One-Stop-Shop for Small Business

Digital marketing services may quickly go into the five-figure range of each project. There is a lot of misleading and outdated information on which marketing methods you should utilize on the internet. When solicitations bombard small company owners, the outcome may be an aggravation and lack of development.


The good news is that certain crucial digital marketing services can be commoditized and offered at a cheap cost. This is an essential part of Onlive WordPress Hosting’s approach.

Best Support

WordPress blogs, like anything else on the internet, have bad days. How soon can you address an issue when anything goes wrong?

Getting quick and high-quality help is critical, particularly for customers who aren’t excited about navigating the WordPress backend to resolve difficulties.

One of the advantages of Best WordPress hosting is that customer support representatives are well-versed in plugins, themes, and other typical site concerns. There is no assurance that the representative will know WordPress while using non-specific hosting.

However, you must consider the quality and availability of assistance. Do you have the option of submitting support queries through live chat or waiting for email responses? How quickly did you respond to the email?


If you have a WordPress website, you should certainly consider a WordPress-optimized hosting package.

Which strategy is the most effective? It all depends on what you’re after. The suggestions provided above will undoubtedly be the ideal location to begin your search.  You’ll note that every choice on my list includes some 24/7 assistance.