Managed dedicated server hosting is a hosting where all the assets (Bandwidth, Storage, RAM) of the private server are dedicated to at most one client and website. The hosting provider holds the maintenance, upgrades, security, and optimizations associated with the server. In Managed Dedicated Server, the hosting suppliers take responsibility for managing the hosting aspect of the site. The buyer or client does not have to be worried about the setup, supervision, and management of the server. The services are given by the hosting site be based on the package and the hosting company.

Generally given services are:

  • 24/7 Updates
  • Security inspects
  • Solving server issues
  • Virus and Spam protection
  • Regular management of hardware
  • Network infrastructure management

Managed hosting is a type similar to outsourcing your hosting requirements. By having Managed hosting, you can center of focus on your business entirely, instead of a test of the strength of technical issues.

Dedicated hosting is perfect for sites with large volume traffic and huge organizations. They get overall access to the servers, and they can configure them as per their requirements.

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting?

Managed dedicated hosting means getting a package that involves all the welfares of managed hosting and dedicated resources of dedicated hosting. With this hosting collection. The admin of the sites does not have to get panic about server end problems. But get the overall server thoroughly dedicated for the project.

Pros of Managed dedicated Server Hosting

1 Cost Cutting

The worthiest of attention benefits is cost-cutting. Managed hosting cuts several types of costs.

  • Hire the IT team to handle technical issues
  • Regular updating and maintaining of the server
  • Rating the needs of the organization
  • Setting up the infrastructure
  • Making a recovery plan in case of any disaster

2 Services

Other than cost-cutting, managed hosting also offers adherence that is very helpful to non-technical organizations.

  • 24/7 Support
  • Timely upgrades
  • Regular data backups
  • Security measures
  • Load balancing
  • Disaster recovery
  • Optimized networks for high-speed service

For a business that cannot pay for an IT team or does not want to care about technical problems, managed dedicated server hosting is a great option.

3 More focus on Business

When you let the hosting establishment handle the server. You can spend the time and energy on the core business. In spite of this. The hosting company can distinctively maintain the servers as this is their core work. They previously have all the tools and resources that make the work better organized. As the alternative of hiring and training a team to do the server job. You can let the specialist do it. And can focus on the core work. Preside over your business instead of servers.

4 Scalability

As the business extends. It becomes hard to keep upgrading the system. This is not a matter of question with the managed hosting. The host always continues to be some additional space in a matter of any spikes. Then they upgrade the plan as the requirement increases.

Unmatched Benefits of Managed Dedicated Server

Security features of managed dedicated servers by Onlive Server

Onlive Server’s managed dedicated servers make certain that security review is a regular feature of their hosting services. In addition to provisioning of malware and anti-virus scans, security enhancements, spam filtering, OS hardening, and logical as well as physical security.

The regularity and severity of Distributed Denial of Services or DDoS attacks are on the growth. And the main concern is unmanaged dedicated hosting or shared hosting solutions. On the divergent. In managed dedicated server hosting. The provider can speedily spring into action and bring the DDoS danger under control.

Dedicated support

This is an important feature of dedicated hosting. And Onlive Server guarantees round-the-timer technical support to users of managed dedicated servers. It consists of provision to outlines by implementing accelerator management, PHP upgrades, recompilation of Apache Server, and much more.

High-Tech maintenance

Users of our managed dedicated servers guarantee excellent maintenance support by proven service providers. Our technically expert teams relied upon for immediate resolution of technical glitches, analysis of log files, app updates, optimization of MySQL, and reverse DNS setup to name just a rare

Reliability of hosting infrastructure

Onlive server datacenters are located deliberately so that your web applications can experience reliable availability without fear of unexpected outages due to natural disasters. The density and diversity of fiber-optic connectivity. Further, improve the reliability of networks that support your web hosting ventures with the least latency. The top-tier up data center services are designed to provide unified security to mission-critical servers. With a collection of access controls and a 24×7 presence of physical security.

Select Onlive Server, Managed Dedicated Server for your business website. And take the fulfillment and outlook. On Onlive Server exclusively. You can get a very inexpensive and affordable price hosting in judgment to other websites. Its infrastructure delivers with great rate and enthusiasm. For more details contact us today.