Windows VPS server provides better performance, higher security, and flexible billing plans that are perfect for small businesses that need reliable hosting services but don’t have the budget to afford dedicated servers. There are plenty of Windows VPS hosting providers out there, but our guide will help you choose one that will give you what you need in terms of reliability, features, and cost. Our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) servers give small businesses everything they could ever want or need in order to build their company into something great.  We offer our Windows VPS server which supports different features perfect for small businesses such as flexibility in billing plans and ease of operations.

These servers have no downtime or shutdowns since they can be rebooted from any location. In addition, there are no maintenance fees either so your costs stay low! With VPS, there’s no waiting for upgrades or licenses – just sign up today! We’re confident that if security is something that worries your business, then there should be no hesitation when considering what solution would be right for your needs.

Take a look at all these features Windows VPS offers if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to have your own dedicated server.

What makes our VPS servers so ideal for small businesses?

1. Choice – With three different operating systems – Windows, Linux and Unix-we’re able to accommodate any software that can be installed locally-so whether it’s Microsoft Word or Salesforce CRM, we’ve got your back!

2. Security – Nobody likes dealing with hackers, but with 128 GB RAM per virtual CPU and tons of resources available per CPU, nobody gets through!

3. Performance-No matter how many VPSs were used by our customers at one time, performance has never been an issue thanks to high bandwidth

4. Billing Plans-One advantage of being a small business customer with us is that billing plans are flexible. You only pay for what you use!

Why choose the windows VPS server?

When it comes to selecting a virtual private server, there are a number of important considerations. It is vital that you choose an operating system that works well with your specific business needs. Especially if you plan on running various applications and software tools. In addition, it is imperative that you find an alternative to dedicated servers. That can offer similar functionality but at a more affordable price point. Fortunately, Windows VPS servers have become one of the most popular options among small businesses. That needs high-performance cloud hosting solutions. Choosing a particular version of Windows ensures compatibility with many third-party products and apps used by small businesses.

Budget pricing – A great feature about these hosted platforms is their affordability compared to fully dedicated server packages offered by other companies.

Flexible billing plans – You can opt for pay as you go or pay monthly pricing models. So that there are no surprises in terms of costs when it comes time to do tax reporting later on in the year.

Benefits of having a windows VPS server instead of shared hosting:

1. Having your own physical server means you have absolute control over it. You do not need to depend on others to administer your data.

 2. Windows VPS is a more secure option, as you do not have to share resources with other companies and websites.

3. Your files will be stored securely and backed up so that in case anything goes wrong with your account. Your files are protected from being lost or damaged.

4. Even if your site gets popular and receives thousands of hits per day. You don’t have to worry about slow website performance.

5. You can install any software packages without worrying about compatibility issues.

6. You can your personalize email address rather than using generic ones provided by Onlive Server.

7. If you face any technical problems with support, they are sorted out quickly. Since there is no requirement of intervention from another support team.

What do you need to run on windows VPS?

There are a variety of things that can be run on windows VPS. These include things like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, and even Microsoft PowerPoint. For more complex software, you may have to find other ways to access your data. Data stored in multiple locations during a backup process, you should ensure that it is well-protected. You will want to use anti-virus software and malware protection while using your windows VPS server. You also need to make sure that you protect yourself from identity theft as well as fraud by using identity monitoring services.

A good way to do all of these tasks without needing additional hardware or software is by installing an online backup service onto your server. This helps protect against viruses and attacks since it uses cloud-based storage. Which makes accessing your information through any device easy. But also keeps all information private since it never leaves its secure location.

Onlive Server is the premier provider of fully managed dedicated servers and virtual private servers. This includes 24/7 support, resource monitoring, and advanced management capabilities. The technology offered by Onlive Server allows us to offer servers at a lower cost. Than other currently available dedicated server providers.

Is there such a thing as affordable Windows VPS hosting?

Yes, there is such a thing as affordable Windows VPS hosting. To start with, you need to find the right website where you can sign up for a free trial or buy a plan. There are many of these sites that offer a wide range of plans and pricing options. So it should not be difficult to find one that suits your needs. The downside of these sites is that they may charge additional fees for things like SSL certificates and backups. But those costs will be worth it if you can get cheap hosting in return.