About cPanel Web Hosting

cPanel is a web hosting control panel developed by cPanel, Onlive Server. cPanel hosting is also known as a shared hosting service it stores multiple websites on a single server. Our website shares the server’s resources through cPanel. Costumer only accesses their web hosting account primarily but not to the server on which their account is hosted.it also gives the chance to costumer to own your website. Our hosting service provider takes care of the overall management and maintenance of the server. An Onlive Server provide best Cpanel Web Hosting control panel is a web-based interface provided by a web hosting service that allows users to manage their servers and hosted services. Our cPanel automated and configurable platform allows the customer to focus on growing their businesses.

cPanel is usually used by :

  • IT Companies
  • Developers
  • Small to medium businesses
  • Digital agencies
  • Hosting providers

Now cPanel hosting is available with advanced technology and advanced features:

1- Onlive server WordPress tools: Onlive Server WordPress Toolkit is a benefits-rich feature management interface that allows everyone to install, configure, and manage WordPress websites.

2-SSH Access: The SSH allows you to access the webserver by Command Line Interface (CLI). It will provide a secure session to the remote server where you can manage the server with commands.

3-MOD security: our ModSecurity is a web application firewall. It examines incoming web traffic for threats in real-time, blocking harsh or interrupted connections before they reach applications.

cPanel is very easy and simple to use, it provides different kinds of benefits that deal with files, MySQL, email, and data tracking as well as SEO optimization. Onlive Server cPanel web hosting is simpleton understand and easy to use, fair, and has everything you need to ensure the best experience possible on your journey.

cPanel is an easy and simple way that has stood the test of time and created a vast online community. Demonstrating documentation with a lot of problem solutions is a just small glimpse of what Onlive Server cPanel hosting has to offer. It allows practical tools for file, email, and MySQL database management.  Onlive Server also provides hosting with cPanel that gives you SSD optimization gadgets and a few basic tools for static gathering and traffic tracking. Last, but not least, our Onlive Server cPanel hosting will include limited SSH access! Many years of constant development and updates have allowed cPanel to create a product easily understandable to both beginners and advanced developers, professionals.

Advantages of cPanel web hosting:

  • High-speed cPanel hosting
  • Secure and reliable
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to understand and use.
  • Help to develop your business.

Provide control and flexibility at your hand.

A cPanel hosting service is an absolutely long-term commitment. The host will own their website, any monetization efforts you’ve done on it, according to your domains, and hold any other work you’ve put in your website you can easily handle this on your own.

Provide Full Control on Applications

Be your own software or hardware; you can manage any application fully through cPanel web hosting. Reboot your operating system or shut down the server sitting at your own place, when necessary.  there are several cPanel web-hosting plans to choose from our company.

Provide Pre-Installed Hassle-Free cPanel

Well, that is quite delicious that you are getting a pre-installed cPanel in your Onlive Server cPanel hosting plan. You have no need to install it by yourself, and that will save your time. Upgrading your plan can also give you a plan’s list of the usage of the number of resources we provide you.

Allow Scalability with Backup

In the cPanel web hosting plan, you can keep your data safe and secure from malicious things. It also provides a wide facility to back up your data at a given time. For advanced and extra features, you can easily anytime change your cPanel web hosting plan.

Affordable price

The license of cPanel is very less costly than other platforms. cPanel hosting offers you a wide range of plans and a complete package of applications that serves as a mountain-solid website management system.

 cPanel gained popularity because the other control panels made the experience for the beginners very complex, difficult, and overwhelming process. For all the beginners or old players cPanel makes navigation and command around the control panel as easy as to human to drinking a glass of water.


at last but not least, now you can deduct cPanel web hosting provides you with all that a business person needs to manage the website. So, what are you waiting for? Choose Onlive Server cPanel web hosting for your business website and take the benefits and opportunities its features provide with great speed and enthusiasm.