What is Cloud VPS?

Cloud VPS provides fully-managed virtual private server hosting on the cloud. Whether you are looking to host your application or migrate your data center, Cloud VPS is backed by a company with extensive expertise in managing and maintaining secure data centers that meet all of your IT hosting needs.

Cloud VPS is a multi-threaded, very fast, and reliable virtual private server (VPS) hosting solution. It’s the result of years of experience and rigorous testing by our team for performance, stability, and security.

How Secure is Cloud VPS With Onlive Server?

When you’re running a business, security is always important. The last thing you want is for your data to be compromised and end up in someone else’s hands. Luckily, cloud-based virtual private servers (VPS) from providers like Onlive Server are incredibly secure by design. Virtualization technologies have allowed users to run their own servers online while maintaining complete control over their virtual machines. As long as there are no physical access points or firewalls between you and your VPS, nobody can break into it or access any of your information.

Cloud VPS

Why Should we purchase Cloud VPS from Onlive Server?

Cloud VPS is the new and cutting-edge hosting solution that Onlive Server offers. It allows users to control multiple servers from one screen, spin them up and down at will, and take full advantage of their resources. Onlive Server’s cloud system gives you all the benefits of a dedicated server minus the high price tag. Even better, many Onlive Server products feature free cloud VPS hosting! Check out our unique offerings below.

With Cloud Hosting, customers will never have to upgrade their servers again. With this innovative technology from Onlive Server, you can easily upgrade your platform as needed on the fly. Since our VPS hosts are virtual machines, there is no hardware to buy or maintain, and your software is always up to date.

Benefits Of Cloud VPS From Onlive Server

Cloud VPS is a revolutionary concept in Cloud hosting. Onlive Server has pre-configured an environment designed to provide high-quality Virtual Private Servers at the most competitive prices anywhere. You get whatever apps, OS, extra you want, and they are very flexible in their offerings. Get a secure and scalable Cloud VPS server in minutes with Onlive Server. You can choose from our secure and reliable pre-configured plans or pick your own hardware and customize your Cloud VPS package.

Cloud VPS from the Onlive server provides exceptional flexibility and greater usability than the standard VPS. A cloud computing environment greatly reduces the unnecessary burden on server setup, maintenance, security as well as upkeep. With Cloud VPS from OnLive Server, you can quickly scale up and down as well as add additional storage easily. This includes free DDoS protection.

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Advantages of VPS Windows 10?

We offer different Windows VPS plans. You are sure to find the one that meets the unique needs of your business. Onlive Server VPS Windows 10 systems are scalable, so they can evolve as your business grows and your needs change. Our VPS Windows 10 are reliable than other company’s Shared and VPS servers.


•          It is scalable, so you can pay for as much or as little server power as you need.

•          Managed storage and bandwidth are included. No need to invest in additional hardware or bandwidth to run your sites, apps, and business.

•          The powerful combination of cloud computing, virtualization, and OpenStack infrastructure means superior uptime, speed, and security.

•          Fast setup: In a matter of minutes your website is up-and-running on your new web hosting server; from the first launch to the deployment of Apache web server components (and more), it’s fast and easy to deploy new websites on cloud servers.


Cloud computing is not a new phenomenon. It is just a term that has been used to describe virtual servers and virtualization. The technology enables companies to offer applications and services on-demand, in short bursts of time rather than buying more hardware.